As Secretary of State, I promise to:

  • Fight against corruption by working for tough, new laws that ban campaign contributions during legislative session. Fundraising is a necessary part of politics, but so is governing. And you shouldn’t be able to do both at the same time.
  • Shine a spotlight on political fundraising by advocating for tougher campaign finance and transparency laws that require 24-hour disclosure of all political contributions to make it easier to see who are funding campaigns. Voters deserve to know who’s writing big checks to the politicians in real time, not months after the election or after a key legislative vote.
  • Help the private sector create jobs by upgrading the Secretary of State’s operations and technology to make it easier and faster to start a new business in Georgia State government should make it easier for hard-working Georgians to start their own small businesses, not harder.
  • Get young people more involved in politics and government by requiring civics education for middle and high school students for the purpose of increasing civic participation and voting after graduation. Build upon existing voter registration efforts to increase voter turnout and participation through a range of community engagement and outreach programs.
  • Do the job you elect me to do by completing a full four-year term in the office without campaigning for another elected position in 2016 or 2018 in order to concentrate fully on fixing a broken system of politics. The job of Georgia’s Chief Elections Officer should be held by someone who is fully dedicated to serving the voters for the duration of the entire term rather than simply using it as a stepping-stone to higher office.